Monday, September 26, 2016

Elite Hoops Playset: Netherlands Horns Floppy

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Big men often feel like they do not get enough touches throughout an offense which causes them not to play hard. A very common but effective play that can be used on many levels of basketball to help this is the horns set. This set causes bigs to be in constant movement while keeping the floor spaced out for drive opportunities. Also, the way the play is set up the bigs are the first option to score and even if they pass up a shot they get touches to keep them happy on the floor.

Play begins with P1 in a pick and roll with P5 while P3 cuts to the rim and P4 pops to the top of the key. The ball is then reversed to P3 with a dribble handoff. Lastly, P4 and P5 set pin down screens to allow P2 to have the option of which direction to pop out.

A.J. Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Elite Hoops Playset: Kentucky High Pick and Roll

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When dealing with high level players, such as the ones that attend Kentucky, complex sets are not always necessary. Instead, coaches try to come up with plays that allow their players to make things happen and open up the floor. Spacing is always a big key in any set and ball screens are great to use for guards that have a good handle and can make plays.

This set begins with P2 curling a down screen to the wing and P3 sprinting to the strong side wing. P1 then flares off of a screen set by P4. The ball is then reversed through P4 to P1. Lastly, P4 follows the pass with an on ball screen while P1 has multiple options.

A.J. "Young Popovich" Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball