Thursday, February 16, 2017

Elite Hoops Playset: Texas

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Although it may seem like the UCONN girls are the only team in NCAA basketball right now, other schools are running solid sets offensively. The Texas women's basketball team displayed this play below which gives all of the guards opportunities to score or get an open shot. This set is simple and contain many staggered screens which is great for shooters.

Play begins with P1 feeding the high post and cutting to set a screen at the weak side block. P4 then passes to P2 while P3 cuts off of the screen set by P1. The post players immediately turn and set a staggered screen for P1 to curl back to the top. Next, the two post set another staggered trying to free up P3 for a shot on the wing.

A.J. "Young Popovich" Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Elite Hoops Skills and Drills: Smitty

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     Most players think you have to be super fast to blow by defenders, well that isn't exactly the case.  The key to blowing by the defense is knowing how and when to change your speeds. The move for this week is a perfect example of how it works.  Click the video below to watch THE SMITTY in action. You'll be blowing by defenders and breaking ankles in no time.

The player starts on the wing then drives to the basket before giving a slight pause and look away. The key to this move is the change of speed. It will catch even the best defenders off guard. Be sure to practice this move daily before trying it during a game. Happy training!

Coach Jazz a.k.a "Ms. Gets Buckets"
Elite Hoops Basketball

Elite Hoops Playset: Boston Tandem

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The Boston Celtics are doing as good as possible in the Eastern Conference this year and have filled their roster with many valuable pieces. The addition of Al Horford has worked out perfectly in the offense and allow them to run quick and effective sets such the one below. This quick hitter is a ball screen that frees up Isaiah Thomas while still allowing the wings to come off a ball screen to make plays. 

Play begins with a rub screen for P1 from the free throw line to the wing. P5 then sets a ball screen for P2 to attack the rim or look for the open roll man. Depending on where the defense helps from, P3  or P4 may be open for a spot up 3 point shot.

A.J. "Young Popovich" Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Elite Hoops Playset: Box 1

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Out of bounds plays against zones are always a great time to attack with little pressure. Usually a zone does not contain much ball pressure and allows players to move freely with little to no contact to cut and set screens. The play below is a set used against a 2-3 zone that gives the inbounder multiple entry passes not only to get the ball inbounds, but to put the receiving player in position to score.

Play begins in a box set with P3 cutting to the opposite corner off of a screen by P5. At this same time, P1 is curling off of a screen set by P4 to the strong side corner to receive a pass for a spot up three pointer. P5 is also an option with the slip to the basket.

A.J. Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball