Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blessed Trinity Girls Camp: Day 2

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Day 2 of the girls camp at Blessed Trinity High School went very well. Players were working hard as they participated in morning stations, 5 on 5 games, and 3 on 3. Our individual improvement drills for day 2 included Figure 8 no dribble, Figure 8 dribble, Flip Flop, and Front Back Catch. These drills are meant to improve campers hand speed, quickness, and overall ballhandling skills. Campers posted impressive scores in these drills and the individual improvement championships on Friday should be very competitive. Hopefully campers take their scores on these drills and improve on them atleast 1% everyday!
-Coach Langley

Monday, July 27, 2009

Nike Camp in Nashville, TN

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Elite Hoops Basketball enjoyed a fast paced start to the final week of summer camp for the 2009
season. The first ever EHB boys camp at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville sold out before
a single camper entered the doors this morning. Camp instruction was provided by local high school
coaches including current CPA head coach and former Vanderbilt standout Drew Maddux. Campers
enjoyed a full day instruction highlighted by competitive 5 on 5 games, 3 on 3 games, and over 90
minutes of fundamental station breakdown. Camp continues tomorrow at 9am.
-Drew Molitoris

Thursday, July 23, 2009

McIntosh High School Camp: Day 4

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The camp at McIntosh High School has gone well the first 4 days. From the first day, our goal was to "not mistake activity for achievement." Each and every player has tried to make sure that when ever they are going through a drill, a station, or even in warmups, they are trying to get better by going full speed. Campers are also doing a good job of showing sportsmanship. It is not out of the ordinary to see players giving high fives, encouraging one another, be it in games or in stations. These players that pay special attention to being good teammates by showing good sportsmanship are players that coaches love to have on their teams. Hopefully, these good attitudes and hard work continue on to "Championship Friday!"
-Coach Langley

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nike Girls Camp in Nashville, TN

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Elite Hoops Basketball has enjoyed a terrific first two days of hosting a
NIKE camp at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville,TN. There are
over 50 young girls from Tennessee, Alabama, and Indiana. The girls
have been split into three different divisions based on age & skill level.
Each camper participates in competitive 5 on 5 games, 3 on 3, small
group instruction and individual improvement drills. Campers are
introduced to a variety of new drills every day and given a quote of the
day that relates to basketball and academics. We are looking forward
to a strong finish to the week!
-Coach Drew Molitoris, Elite Hoops Camp Commissioner and former UMKC Coach

Living by Numbers coming August 7th

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On August 7th, Elite Hoops will unveil it's Living by Numbers program. We will be posting the Top 3 scorers and averages for each Individual Improvement Drill that campers performed at the NIKE camps this summer. This will enable players to see where they stand among the 1000+ campers who attempted the drills this summer.

Our goal for players is that they get 1% better each and everyday, whether or not they are at camp. To encourage year round skill development, we will post the scores of any player who attended one of our NIKE/Elite Hoops Basketball Camps this summer and can post a score in the Top 3 of any Individual Improvement Drill. To have your score verified, you will need to email us the video and/or post the video of the record on YouTube. In addition, each month we will add a new Living by Numbers drill that you can work on. Again, we will list the Top 3 players on our website.

Remember to check back August 7th see to where you stand!