Friday, August 28, 2015

Elite Hoops Playset: BYU

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Preseason training is underway and coaches are in their back office coming up with a number of different sets that best suit their teams. One school in particular, BYU, will probably choose to continue one set that has been successful for many years now. This play has a lot of movement on the perimeter and forces players post defenders to step out to areas they may not feel comfortable playing.

"BYU" begins with a dribble handoff on the left wing and P1 curling to the opposite corner. P2 the passes to P4 and receives a flare screen from P5. If nothing is open, P4 has a dribble handoff with P3 while P2 curls back off of a down screen from P5. P4 then continues to set a downscreen for P1 in the corner.

A.J. "Swaggy A" Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

Friday, August 21, 2015

Elite Hoops Playset: Miami Heat

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Summer league has come to an end! Not only have high level players been able to show what they have to offer, they also have shown the ability to play within an offense and learn on the fly. "Miami" is a play designed to spread out the floor and force defenses to have to guard multiple different screens without any breakdowns.

This play starts in a horn set with P1 passing to P4 popping out from the elbow. P1 and P5 then set a double screen for P2 curling to the rim. P1 then follows off the down screen from P5 and receives a pass at the top of the key. P5 then rescreens the ball looking to score, hit the roll man, or find the open shooter spotted up on the perimeter.

A.J. Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

Friday, August 7, 2015

Elite Hoops Playset: Utah St

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Summer basketball has been going on and a lot of different sets have been experimented with to see what works best for who. One set that was seen during the summer league is basic but has been run by Utah St to give players many different options to score. Check out the play below to see one way to score easy buckets.

"Utah St" begins in a 1-4 set with P2 and P3 replacing each other over the top and bottom of a staggered screen set by bigs. P1 then passes to P3 and cuts to the opposite wing. P4 then slips a ball screen looking for a layup. If not open P5 follows with a pick and roll while P1 and P2 spot up on the wings. 

A.J. "Young Popovich" Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

NIKE Boys Basketball Camp: Championship Friday at Smyrna Community Center

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We had a great time this week at our last NIKE camp of the summer at Smyrna Community Center! Every day, the campers showed up with enthusiasm, eager to improve their game with their coaches, and tune up their basketball skills. Our campers were able to get 1% better each day because of their hard work! We are sad this season of camp is coming to an end but we are already looking forward to returning to Smyrna Community Center next summer!

Throughout this week, the NIKE Boys Basketball Camp at Smyrna Community Center had exciting and great moments that all led up to Championship Friday which could only be described as lively and electrifying for all staffers and campers. That morning, the campers filed into the gym with an extra bounce in their step. Everyone's eyes reflected with excitement for the fun activities ahead. The first item on the agenda was the Living By Numbers competitions followed by a quick review in individual skills stations. Each day the campers rotated between 3 different skill stations. Individual skills, 3on3, and classroom session help teach all parts of the game to the campers, developing multi-faceted and knowledgeable players.

Now its championship time! The first championship round was the 5on5 games.  The NBA, College and high school division championships were balanced throughout the week. Next was our Living By Numbers Championships. With so many returning campers, there was a lot of anticipation of who will be selected. The Living by Numbers (LBN) program online has been extremely beneficial to most of the campers. Lastly, the crowd favorite was 3on3 Cut Throat Championship. All week the campers have been earning points and learning different ways to be successful with their teams. Coaches, players, and parents enjoyed the intensity during the 3on3 games.

Championship Friday ended with our NIKE Awards Ceremony. All the campers received camp T-shirts, workbooks, player evaluations, and various fun prizes. Below is the list of LBN winners and the photos of the individual winners. While the end of camp is always bittersweet, we are so proud of the improvement and progress made by this group. See you next summer, Smyrna Community Center!

Living By Numbers Division Champions

Switch Cone Slides
HS- Chandler Tyler 
COL- William Overly 
NBA- Nathan Elkins

Figure 8
HS: Byron McNeil
COL: Ibn Miller
NBA: Nathan Elkins

Cone Layups
HS: David Clark 
COL: William Overly
NBA: Jakeem Acres

Hot Shot
HS: Miles Barnett
NBA: Aiden Febres
Individual Awards
High School:

Coaches Award: Miles Barnett

College Awards

Coaches Award:  Cristian Willis

MOU Award: Aiden Febres

MOU Award: Jesse Graves


Hustle Award: Jakeem Acres

MOU Award: Noah Henderson 

Defense Award: Jadon Jenkins

MVP Award: Ryan Billig

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