Friday, August 7, 2015

Elite Hoops Playset: Utah St

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Summer basketball has been going on and a lot of different sets have been experimented with to see what works best for who. One set that was seen during the summer league is basic but has been run by Utah St to give players many different options to score. Check out the play below to see one way to score easy buckets.

"Utah St" begins in a 1-4 set with P2 and P3 replacing each other over the top and bottom of a staggered screen set by bigs. P1 then passes to P3 and cuts to the opposite wing. P4 then slips a ball screen looking for a layup. If not open P5 follows with a pick and roll while P1 and P2 spot up on the wings. 

A.J. "Young Popovich" Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

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