Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 1 of NIKE Camp at Madison Academy

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At our first annual NIKE/Elite Hoops Boys Basketball camp at Madison Academy, coaches emphasized the importance of "not mistaking activity for achievement." Players were told that just because they were at camp, in a station, or even playing 5 on 5, they were not going to achieve anything (or get better) if they weren't giving their full effort!

This applies to any aspect of their game, whether it is ballhandling, rebounding, shooting, or defense. A player must go game speed to get better, and eventually perform better in games. The goal is to help players develop this type of work ethic outside of camp when working by themselves in the off-season.

If players continue to work as hard the rest of the week as they did in their stations, 5 on 5, Living by Numbers, and 3 on 3, as they did on the first day, then they should see tremendous improvement by Friday afternoon! The coaches are excited to see what's in store for this talented and hard working group!

NIKE Boys Basketball Camp at Miller Grove: Day One.

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The NIKE Elite Hoops Boys Basketball Camp at Miller Grove kicked off this morning at full speed. After registration, campers were introduced to the Skill Development Stations for 2 hours.  Our Skills Stations focus on each players basic fundamentals and push them out of their comfort zone. Coach Cason emphasized how "tough the defensive station is for most campers," but he is confident that they will get one percent better each day.

After campers played their five on five games they then took on a more competitive aspect of camp: Living By Numbers. As the kids watched demonstrations of the coaches doing these drills, they cheered them on as they attempted to break kids records from previous camps.

"Switch Cone Slides," a new drill this year, our camper, Xzavier Duggan, broke our last weeks camp record by moving 13 cones in 30 seconds.

From the looks of things, these kids have a lot more in store for us this week. The question is will anyone else break a record?

Friday, May 27, 2011

NIKE Camp at OCHS Finishes Strong!

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Championship Friday, was exciting for players, coaches and parents! Players received their NIKE camp t-shirts and prizes for Living by Numbers events, coaches evaluation, and also competed in front of parents and coaches in their 5 on 5 championship games!

5 on 5 championship games were competitive in all leagues, with all three games decided in the last minute of play, with players stepping up and making huge plays! Players proved that all their hard work in stations, 5 on 5, and 3 on 3 throughout the week paid off!

The other coaches and I could not be any happier with their effort. Hopefully, players will continue to work as hard the rest of the summer, as they did during camp this week!

-Coach Langley

Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 on 3 Action at NIKE Camp at OCHS!

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Check out the videos below of players working on fundamentals during their 3 on 3 games!

In this video, our NBA division players, Jessie Michael, Brice Whited, and Chase Major work the ball around to get a layup. Notice how they communicate with one another, and catch the ball each time in triple threat. This is exactly what we expect from players during our 3 on 3 games!

In this video, our College division players, Carter Huckaby, Nicky Pu, and Cole Fitzpatrick, work the ball around to get an open layup, rebound, and finish with a put back!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Second Day of NIKE Basketball Camp at OCHS

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On the second day of the NIKE Basketball Camp at OCHS, players were pushed to use the skills that they learned in their stations in their 5 on 5 games . One skill that was highlighted in today's stations was communicating on defense, saying "ball, deny, or help." Although a new skill for most players, communication on defense is one of the most important things for players who want to play at a higher level, so coaches made sure that players were constantly talking during 5 on 5 games.

A player doesn't have to be the best offensive player to find playing time on a team. Playing time can also be found on the defensive end of the court. Any player can play defense! If players focus on proper technique and communication, they will always have a spot on any team. Coaches love smart defensive players, and are always looking for someone to be a leader on the defensive end.

We will continually reinforce these good defensive habits throughout the week, so players learn to implement them in their upcoming fall seasons.

Day 2 was a success!

Monday, May 23, 2011

First Day of NIKE Basketball Camp at OCHS

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The inaugural NIKE Basketball Camp at OCHS, opened on Monday empahasizing the importance of the fundamentals. Players were introduced to individual skills drills that they should work on daily, if they are truly serious about developing a well-rounded skill set. The one drill highlighting this emphasis on fundamental skill development was the "Mikan Drill." The Mikan Drill is a simple layup drill that focuses on technique and proper layup form. Players were to make sure to have their "right hand, right knee in the air" on a right-handed layup and to make sure to have their "left hand, left knee in the air" on a left-handed layup. Beginning players were encouraged to work on form over speed, while more advanced players were pushed to develop quicker foot work in between layups.

As the week continues, coaches will emphasize the fundamentals, but move towards more advanced moves during stations. This is all part of our attempt to make sure that players improve by 1% daily!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

NIKE Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at Oconee County High School

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Elite Hoops will be hosting a NIKE Girls and Boys Basketball Camp at Oconee County High School in Watkinsville, Georgia from May 23 -May 27, 2011. This camp will be open to girls and boys entering grades 4-9 and will run for 4 full days (Monday-Thursday) from 9:00am-3:00pm with a "Championship Day" on Friday from 9:00am-12:00pm. Enrollment is limited to 50 campers per camp to maintain our 8:1 player to coach ratio. Assisting Elite Hoops as Co-Director for this camp will be Oconee County High School Varsity Basketball Coaches Cindy Roach and Michael Youngblood.

OCHS is located in Watkinsville, GA and is just south of Athens and is right off Hwy 53. OCHS is a convenient camp location for anyone in Athens, Bogart, Bishop, Monroe, Madison, Good Hope, and Winder areas.

For more information on this camp or to register go to the Elite Hoops website.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Madison Academy Boys Camp- REGISTER NOW!

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There are limited spots available for the NIKE/Elite Hoops Boys Basketball Camp at Madison Academy in Huntsville, Alabama, May 31, 2011 through June 3, 2011. Our individual skill development stations, Living By Numbers contests, and 5 on 5 scrimmages prepare players for church, school or regular season teams. We can guarantee that each player will get the attention they need with our 8 to 1 player to coach ratio. Hurry and sign up today before all of the spots are filled!

For more information click here