Monday, May 23, 2011

First Day of NIKE Basketball Camp at OCHS

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The inaugural NIKE Basketball Camp at OCHS, opened on Monday empahasizing the importance of the fundamentals. Players were introduced to individual skills drills that they should work on daily, if they are truly serious about developing a well-rounded skill set. The one drill highlighting this emphasis on fundamental skill development was the "Mikan Drill." The Mikan Drill is a simple layup drill that focuses on technique and proper layup form. Players were to make sure to have their "right hand, right knee in the air" on a right-handed layup and to make sure to have their "left hand, left knee in the air" on a left-handed layup. Beginning players were encouraged to work on form over speed, while more advanced players were pushed to develop quicker foot work in between layups.

As the week continues, coaches will emphasize the fundamentals, but move towards more advanced moves during stations. This is all part of our attempt to make sure that players improve by 1% daily!

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