Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NIKE Boys Basketball Camp at Miller Grove: Day One.

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The NIKE Elite Hoops Boys Basketball Camp at Miller Grove kicked off this morning at full speed. After registration, campers were introduced to the Skill Development Stations for 2 hours.  Our Skills Stations focus on each players basic fundamentals and push them out of their comfort zone. Coach Cason emphasized how "tough the defensive station is for most campers," but he is confident that they will get one percent better each day.

After campers played their five on five games they then took on a more competitive aspect of camp: Living By Numbers. As the kids watched demonstrations of the coaches doing these drills, they cheered them on as they attempted to break kids records from previous camps.

"Switch Cone Slides," a new drill this year, our camper, Xzavier Duggan, broke our last weeks camp record by moving 13 cones in 30 seconds.

From the looks of things, these kids have a lot more in store for us this week. The question is will anyone else break a record?

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