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Elite Hoops Playset: Waggle

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As players have developed over the years, so has the ball screen offense. Recent coaches on all levels of the game have figured out ways to get their best ball handlers the opportunity to make plays off a ball screen while the players without the ball can float to spots they feel comfortable. In "Waggle" the off guard gets to come off of a ball screen and have the entire side of the floor available to make a play.

"Waggle" starts in a box set with P2 cutting to the wing to receive the ball. P4 then turns and sets a screen for P3 to go to the wing. Next, P5 sets a ball screen on the baseline side for P2 while P3 sets a flare for P1 to the corner. If nothing has opened up, P4 sets a backscreen for P3 looking for a layup.

Elite Hoops Basketball
Coach A.J. "Got Them Plays" Holland

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Elite Hoops Playset: Zipper Ball Screen

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Sometimes quick hitters are needed in the game of basketball. The long, complicated plays are great and memorized if practiced regularly but if a team has scouted and prepared then what happens next? "Zipper Ball Screen" is a set used by many teams late or sometimes even early in the shot clock to give players the opportunity to make something happen and play to their strengths.

Zipper Ball Screen begins in a box set with P1 dribbling to the wing. P4 then sets a down screen for P2 popping to the 3pt line lane line extended. P5 then sprints to set a ball screen before coming off of a backscreen set by P4. P1 now has the option to pass to 3 different shooters, pull up for a mid range jumper, or hit P5 rolling to the basket for a layup.

A.J. "Coach K Jr." Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

Thursday, February 5, 2015

2015 NIKE Basketball Camps: South Carolina

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Once again Elite Hoops is taking over the basketball scene in Charleston and Columbia South Carolina. This summer, Elite Hoops and South Carolina will team up to bring excitement Monday-Friday! The 2015 NIKE Boys Basketball Camps will begin touring South Carolina at Heathwood Hall and West Florence June-8-12. Calvary Christian School along with Coed Camp White Knoll High School will follow June 15-19, Airport High School and new location in Spartanburg Upward Star Center will be June 22-26. Elite Hoops will then return to one of the most popular camps Greenville HS will be July 6-10. This same week, Elite Hoops has expanded and added Cardinal Newman as a location in Columbia. After the holidays, camps jumpstart back up at Colleton Prep Academy July 13-17, followed by Academic Magnet July 20-24. To cap off the summer, there will be an all girls camp held at Cathedral Praise July 27-31 while Elite Hoops returns to Heathwood Hall the same week.

South Carolina camps will be directed by Elite Hoop's very own James Lee and Jason Harman. Lee comes from a great basketball background. The Virginia native played Division 1 basketball  at Campbell University. Over the past 16 years, Lee has trained and developed all ages and genders in South Carolina. Previous and current players refer to James Lee as "The Shot Doctor". Make sure you come and see the Dr. James Lee and get your basketball check up.

Harman enters his second year with Elite Hoops and brings a wealth of basketball knowlege with over 10 years of experience in the basketball world. He is currently the Head Coach at the fastest growing private school in South Carolina, Northside Christian Academy.

To register for the 2015 South Carolina NIKE Boys Basketball Camp please click on one of the following links below. Remember, there will be 12 locations within South Carolina. Make sure you register before camp is sold out.

NIKE Boys Camp Heathwood Hall 1 click HERE

NIKE Boys Camp West Florence HS click HERE

NIKE Boys Camp Calvary Christian School click HERE

NIKE Coed Camp White Knoll HS click HERE

NIKE Boys Camp Airport High School click HERE

NIKE Boys Camp Upward Star Center click HERE

NIKE Boys Camp Greenville HS click HERE

NIKE Boys Camp Cardinal Newman click HERE

NIKE Boys Camp Colleton Prep Academy click HERE

NIKE Boys Camp Academic Magnet click HERE 

NIKE Girls Camp Cathedral Praise click HERE 

NIKE Boys Camp Heathwood Hall 2 click HERE

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 NIKE Basketball Camps: Metro Charlotte

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It is no secret, North Carolina basketball automatically rings a bell. The University of North Carolina and Duke University, arguably two of the best college basketball programs, speaks volumes about the state. The success of the programs have easily influenced youth basketball in the community. This year will be Elite Hoop's 6th consecutive year in North Carolina. Each summer camp has been sold out months in advance. The history of North Carolina basketball and Elite Hoops is ringing bells in Metro Charlotte. 

The 2015 NIKE Boys Basketball Camp will be directed by Che Roth and the Elite Hoops staff. Also former and current college basketball players in the area will help assist camp. The camp locations for this summer will be at Cannon School in Concord, NC and Carolina Courts in Charlotte, NC. 

The NIKE Boys Basketball Camp in Concord, NC will jumpstar summer hoops June 22-26. Elite Hoops is then making a return to the very popular location of Carolina Courts July 6-10. To complete the summer, Cannon School will host another camp August 3-7. This camp sold out quickly last year so be sure to register before it is too late!

 To register for this camp please click the link below.

Cannon School Camp 1 Click HERE

Carolina Courts Click HERE

Cannon School Camp 2 Click HERE

2015 NIKE Basketball Camp: Birmingham

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Alabama may be known for the amazing football being played in the state but basketball is definitely on the rise in the Heart of Dixie! Excitingly, NIKE and Elite Hoops are still singing and starting in "Sweet Home Alabama"! Over the past 7 years, Homewood High School has been Elite Hoops sweet home of Alabama. Each year the Homewood basketball camp sells out. After the successful turnout last year, Elite Hoops will once again host a coed camp at Vestavia Hills, as well as two all boys camps at Homewood (both sold out with a waitlist). The 2015 NIKE Basketball Camp season will start at Vestavia Hills May 26-29. June 22-26 and July 20-24 are the dates of the Homewood High School camps in Alabama. 

Alabama natives A.J. Holland and Tim Shepler will be directing camps in Alabama this summer. Also, each high school head coach will be assisting Elite Hoops. Head Coach Tim Shepler of Homewood High School is no stranger to leading his teams to glory and co-directing NIKE camps. This will be his 7 consecutive year partnering with NIKE Basketball and Elite Hoops. 

At the Vestavia Hills location, Holland and Shepler will use the help of Vestavia Hills Varsity Boys Head Coach George Hatchett, and Homewood Varsity Girls Head Coach Jovanka Ward. Coach Hatchett's familiarity with the school and basketball program will make sure every camper receives the Vestavia Hills treatment. Coach Ward of Homewood understands Alabama basketball extremely well. Coaching all levels of basketball from Homewood Middle School to Alabama A&M University, Ward will happily lend us her expertise this summer.

To register for the Alabama NIKE Boys and Coed Basketball Camp, click on each locations link below.

Vestavia Hills High School NIKE Coed Camp click HERE

Homewood High School NIKE Boys Camp 1 click HERE

Homewood High School NIKE Boys Camp 2 click HERE 

2015 NIKE Basketball Camps: Arkansas

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The 2015 Arkansas camp location will be in Little Rock for the third straight year, but trust me there is nothing "little" about the way we "rock" basketball there! Because of the success of the previous camps in Little Rock, Elite Hoops has decided to take their talents back to Arkansas. Last summer the inaugural Elite Hoops NIKE Basketball Camp in Little Rock quickly sold out, so June and July this summer will be even better. Elite Hoops will open up the summer at Episcopal Collegiate June 8-12 and returning to the same location July 6-10. Elite Hoops is excited to announce that for the first time, an all girls camp will be held at Episcopal Collegiate June 15-19. Lakeside High School was a success last year and will once again be a NIKE camp location July 13-17. 

Micah Marsh, Episcopal Collegiate School Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, will be directing the 2015 Elite Hoops NIKE Boys Basketball Camp in Little Rock. Coach Marsh is no stranger to Arkansas basketball, he had a stellar basketball career at Arkansas State which lead to an induction in the school's Hall of Fame. As a coach, Marsh is now in the record books after becoming the 2014 State Champions in Arkansas. in 2013, Marsh led Episcopal Collegiate to the 2013 State Championship game for the first time in school history. Also the team finished with a 31-4 overall record. Campers, make sure you are well rested before camp so you can match Coach Marsh's high energy and passion for the game. 

To register for each camp, click on the following links below.

Episcopal Collegiate Boys June 8-12 Click HERE

Episcopal Collegiate Girls June 15-19 Click HERE

Episcopal Collegiate Boys July 6-10 Click HERE

Lakeside HS Boys July 13-17 Click HERE

2015 NIKE Basketball Camps: Nashville

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Nashville is known for 3 things during the beautiful summer. Great music, delicious food, and the best summer basketball camps! Since 2009, Nashville and surrounding areas have partned with Elite Hoops NIKE Basketball Camps at a very high level. We are proud to announce that there will be 6 total basketball camps in the Nashville area between June 22 and July 31, 2015. Christ Presbyterian Academy (CPA), Hendersonville Baptist Church, Currey Ingram, and A Game Complex in Franklin, TN have successfully sold out camps each summer of existence.
The success of the Elite Hoops NIKE Basketball Camps in Nashville is mostly owed to the well polished and hard work of CPA's Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach Drew Maddux. Maddux has done a superior job with elevating the basketball play at CPA. In the 2012 season he lead his team to a AA State Championship with a 37-2 overall record. Since 2008, Maddux has over 10 district, regional, and sectional championships. Coach Maddux will be the director of all 5 camps this summer. He does a great job translating his coaching methods and philosophies at the Elite Hoops NIKE Basketball Camps.

The 2015 NIKE Basketball Camp season in Tennessee will start at the Currey Ingram Academy location and will be from June 22-26. Following will be the Coed camp at A Game Sportsplex June 29-July 3rd and the Hendersonville Baptist Church location will be July 6-10. Then the CPA girls and boys camp will run back to back. July 13-17 for the girls and July 20-24 for the boys. Lastly, Nashiville camp season will conclude July 27-July 31 at A game Sportsplex for Boys and Girls in Franklin, TN. To register  for each camp please click one of the following links below.
Currey Ingram June 22-26 Click HERE

A Game Sportsplex Boys June 29-July 3rd Click HERE

A Game Sportsplex Girls June 29-July 3rd Click HERE

Hendersonville First Baptist July 6-10 Click HERE

CPA Girls July 13-17 Click HERE

CPA Boys July 20-24 Click HERE

A Game Sportsplex Boys July 27-31 Click HERE

A Game Sportsplex Girls July 27-31 Click HERE

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015 NIKE Basketball Camps: Metro Atlanta

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Once again Elite Hoops winding down with training and picking up with NIKE Camps. This summer, Elite Hoops is taking camps to another level throughout Metro Atlanta! The 2015 NIKE Boys Basketball Camps will begin touring in Cumming at Pinecrest Academy May 26-29, followed by the always successful camps at Greater Atlanta Christian June 1-5, Blessed Trinity and Kell June 8-12. Next, Elite Hoops will host the first girls camp of the year in Sandy Springs United Methodist Church June 15-19 while hosting a boys camp at Piney Grove MS the same week. Elite Hoops will then have a boys camp at St Francis HS and Marietta HS June 22-26, Collins Hill July 6-9, Blessed Trinity July 6-10, Kell HS and Kedron Fieldhouse July 13-17, and St Francis once again July 20-24 which was a great camp location last summer and is bound to sell out once again. Lastly, the final summer camps of the year will be at Greater Atlanta Christian School and Smyrna Community Center July 27-31. 

Metro Atlanta camps will be directed by Elite Hoop's very own Directors Lee Miller and A.J. Holland.  Miller comes from a great basketball background. The Atlanta Native is the founder of Elite Hoops which started 12 years ago in the city of Atlanta. During this stint, Miller has developed a number of top ranked programs throughout metro Atlanta that have gone on to win state championships and players that have participated/played in the NCAA Tournament, overseas, and the NBA. Holland is also a skill development trainer and returning NIKE Camp Director that has proven himself to elevate player's talent and help them reach their max potential in a quick manner. In just his second year with Elite Hoops, Holland has developed top ranked players in the nation and trained schools in Metro Atlanta that are nationally ranked and recognized.

Elite Hoops will be hosting camps in the following cities: Cumming, Roswell, Norcross, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Alpharetta, Marietta, Suwanee/Lawrenceville, and Peachtree City.

Elite Hoops Playset: OKST Backscreens

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Once teams are mature enough to master the basics and understand the game, complex plays can be added to the playbook that open up multiple layup opportunities. Oklahoma St displayed a great set where they force opponents to defend in a way that is not practiced on a consistent basis. This set contains multiple backscreens from guard to guard and post to guard forcing teams to have to show longer or switch to unwanted matchups. If run correctly against undisciplined teams, 10 points from layups will come easily.

OKST Backscreen Attack begins in a 4 out set. The ball is swung from P1 to P3 while P2 receives a back screen from P5. P5 Then pops to the ball while P4 V-Cuts away from the ball and P1 fans out. The ball is then swung to P4 and P2 sets a back screen for P3. Next, P5 sets false pin down screen for P2 while P1 looks for the backdoor layup off of backscreen from P3.

Elite Hoops Skill Development Trainer
A.J. "Young Popovich" Holland