Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Elite Hoops Playset: Zipper Ball Screen

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Sometimes quick hitters are needed in the game of basketball. The long, complicated plays are great and memorized if practiced regularly but if a team has scouted and prepared then what happens next? "Zipper Ball Screen" is a set used by many teams late or sometimes even early in the shot clock to give players the opportunity to make something happen and play to their strengths.

Zipper Ball Screen begins in a box set with P1 dribbling to the wing. P4 then sets a down screen for P2 popping to the 3pt line lane line extended. P5 then sprints to set a ball screen before coming off of a backscreen set by P4. P1 now has the option to pass to 3 different shooters, pull up for a mid range jumper, or hit P5 rolling to the basket for a layup.

A.J. "Coach K Jr." Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

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