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Elite Hoops Playset: Waggle

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As players have developed over the years, so has the ball screen offense. Recent coaches on all levels of the game have figured out ways to get their best ball handlers the opportunity to make plays off a ball screen while the players without the ball can float to spots they feel comfortable. In "Waggle" the off guard gets to come off of a ball screen and have the entire side of the floor available to make a play.

"Waggle" starts in a box set with P2 cutting to the wing to receive the ball. P4 then turns and sets a screen for P3 to go to the wing. Next, P5 sets a ball screen on the baseline side for P2 while P3 sets a flare for P1 to the corner. If nothing has opened up, P4 sets a backscreen for P3 looking for a layup.

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