Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 NIKE Boys Basketball Camp: PEACHTREE CITY

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The Peach State! For those that do not reside in Georgia, and/or is unfamiliar with the state, yes the peach represents the people of Georgia very well. The soft and juicy outside texture of a peach speaks for all kind hearted southerners. Do not be fooled, when you get down to the hard center of a peach you realize that the people are the same. Being mentally and physically tough in Georgia is very important, and those qualities attracted us to the appropriately named Peachtree City. Since 2010, Kedron Fieldhouse in Peachtree City has been one of the NIKE Basketball Camp locations. This summer, we invite the entire Peach State to test your inner peach.

Elite Hoops own Michelle Manfredi will be hosting the Peachtree City NIKE Basketball Camp in July. Outside of Manfredi's great work with Elite Hoops, her resume speaks volumes. Manfredi has D1 experience as a player and coach from Niagara University. As Niagara's all time leader in minutes and games played, she helped develop players at the university on and off the court. Also, Manfredi has professional experience playing in Germany plus  individual workouts with the WNBA LA Sparks. If you think you can keep up, come to Peachtree City's camp this summer.

The 2013 NIKE Boys Basketball Camp at Kedron Fieldhouse in Peachtree City will be held July 15-19, 2013. To sign up and register, please selete the link below.

Kedron Fieldhouse NIKE Camp click HERE

Friday, April 26, 2013

Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: DRIBBLE WEAVE

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3 man weave is one of the most commonly used basketball terms and practice routines. I mean no disrespect to my fellow basketball minds, but for my newly acquired basketball minds let me explain. 3 players will each make a pass then follow their pass. Doing 3 man weave in practice helps the players communicate with each other, pass efficiently, and can also be a conditioning drill. 3 man weave in the game is slightly different. Some coaches use 3 man weave as a strategy to take time off the clock, create mismatches for the defense, or simply confuse the opposing team.

Today's playset is called "Dribble Weave". Dribble weave is the same action as 3 man weave, except you dribble into the exchange instead of passing. The play starts with P1 at the top of the key, P2/P3 on each wing, and P4/P5 on side of each block. P1 dribble handoff to P3. Once P3 recieves the ball will dribble handoff to P2 on the other wing. This forms the 3 man weave look. After P3 dribble handoff to P2, P4 will set a flare screen for P3. P2 then makes the pass back to P3. At this time, P1 will cut the corner, P5 will flash to the high post, and P2 will slide to the open wing. P1/P2/P5 have now created space for P3/P4 to operate. Now P4 will set a screen for P3 to come off. After the screen, P4 will pop out for a open jumper. P3 has the option to pass to P4 for the pick and pop, make a pass to the cutting P5, penetrate and kick to P2, or finish the play with a score.

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Dribble weave can be used best for a quick play out of the timeout or for isolation. Make sure your best post shooter is setting the screen. Spacing is important.
Brandon "3forME" Chappell
Elite Hoops Basketball

Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 NIKE Boys Basketball Camp: SOUTH CAROLINA

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On Saturday mornings, South Carolina shuts everything down and focuses on one main event...COLLEGE FOOTBALL. The University of South Carolina Gamecocks own the eyes of many viewers and fans nationally, but especially South Carolina. This summer, Elite Hoops and South Carolina will team up to bring excitement Monday-Friday! The 2013 NIKE Boys Basketball Camps will begin touring South Carolina at Myrtle Beach High School and Greenville High School. The last stop will be at Academic Magnet High School, which was a great camp location last summer in North Charleston.

Each South Carolina camp will be directed by Elite Hoop's very own James Lee. Lee comes from a great basketball background. The Virginia native played Division 1 basketball  at Campbell University. Over the past 15 years, Lee has trained and developed all ages and genders in South Carolina. Previous and current players refer to James Lee as "The Shot Doctor". Make sure you come and see the Dr. James Lee and get your basketball check up.

To register for the 2013 South Carolina NIKE Boys Basketball Camp please click on one of the following links below. Remember, there will be 3 locations within South Carolina. Make sure you register before camp is sold out.

NIKE Boys Camp Myrtle Beach High School click HERE

NIKE Boys Camp Greenville High School click HERE

NIKE Boys Camp Academic Magnet (Charleston) click HERE 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: NBA 2 ACTION

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The NBA is the highest level of basketball played in the world. The "best" players, coaches, facilities, and of course playsets are apart of the association. Most playsets in the NBA are designed to misdirect the defense at the beginning, and finishing in a completely different way. For youth, high school, and college basketball the playsets tend to be simpler. Today's we will be make thing a bit more complicated for players and the defenders.

The name of this playset is "NBA 2 ACTION", which is designed for the shooting guard. The play starts with P1 and the ball at the top of the key, P2/P3 on each wing, and P4/P5 on each block. P1 dribbles to P3 side, then P3 will simultaneously cut the opposite side, and P2 will replace P1 position. Now P2 and P4 will set a double screen for P1 to come off. P2 will roll towards the basket and P4 will pop out to the wing. P1 must pay attention for a quick score for P2 or P4. On the back side, P3 and P5 will set a double screen for P2 to come off for an open shot. If shot is not available, P5 will set a ball screen for P2, and P3/P4/P1 will clear the side.

As you can tell, the real objective of this playset is to put P2 in a final position to score. Yet, P1 in the beginning of the playset has a few options to score quick if possible. This is a great playset for coming out of a timeout or a even transition offense.

Brandon "Phil Jackson" Chappell
Elite Hoops Basketball

2013 NIKE Boys Basketball Camp: MARIETTA

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The Atlanta Metro area is extremely valuable and important to Elite Hoops. Since 2009, Elite Hoops have hosted over 20 camps in the metro area alone. The city of Marietta is located just north of Atlanta, and 2 camps will be held there this summer. The first location is Marietta High School, and last years camp sold out with 100 campers in attendance. Kell High School is the second location in Marietta this summer. This will be the augural NIKE camp for Kell HS. Last September, Elite Hoops held the first annual Elite Camp. Each facility has two full size gymnasium with state of the art features. It will be a great summer in Marietta!

Marietta camp will be directed by the girls director Michelle Manfredi, and co-directed by Marietta High School Varsity Boys Head Coach Matthew Lyons. Coach Lyons is no stranger to the city of Marietta. The University of West Georgia graduate has been the head coach at Marietta for 4 season now. Coach Lyons takes pride in developing players on and off the court. Kell camp will be directed by Lee Miller and assisted by Jermaine Sellers, Kell Varsity Boys Head Coach. This is Sellers first season as head coach yet he has already partnered with Elite Hoops with team training and clinics. Coach Sellers brings enthusiasm and passion to the game. Both Marietta locations will have great support and direction this summer.

The 2013 NIKE Boys Basketball Camps in Marietta will begin June 24th-28h at Marietta High School. In July the second Marietta camp will start from July 15th-19th. Only limited spots remain. Register by clicking one of the following links below.

Marietta High School NIKE Camp click HERE

Kell High School NIKE Camp click HERE

Friday, April 5, 2013

Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: AMERICA'S PLAY 2

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America is the land of basketball. Since James Naismith invented the game, basketball has expanded to a global stage. Last summer, the USA Men's Olympic Team brought home the gold metal, reassuring any doubt that America is the land of basketball.  

Today I will add a counter offense to America’s Play (Screen the Screener) is one of the most popular and widely used basketball plays for all ages. First, player 1 has the ball at the top of the key while player 2-5 set up in a box set. Players 2 and 3 are on each side of the block and players 4 and 5 are on each side of the elbow. Player 1 dribbles the ball to the right wing. While in progress, player 2 sets a cross screen for player 3 to post up on the right block. Player 1 then has the option to pass to player 3. After player 2 sets the screen, player 4 and 5 sets a screen for player 2 to end up at the top of the key. Player 2 has the option to shoot the ball.

Now Player 2 dribbles the ball to the left wing and Player 5 comes to set a ball screen. Next, Player 4 will go to the baseline and set a double pick with Player 3 for a Player 1. Once Player 2 comes off the screen, Player 1 comes off the double screen. After Players 3/4 set the screen, each spreads the floor. Player 2 has the option to create for others in an isolation position back at the top of the key.

Click image below to enlarge

This is one of my favorite plays because of all the action that is happening. Misdirection is the key, as well as timing on screen.

Brandon "Captain America" Chappell
Elite Hoops Basketball 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

2013 NIKE Boys Basketball Camp: CHARLOTTE

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It is no secret, North Carolina basketball automatically rings a bell. The University of North Carolina and Duke University, arguably two of the best college basketball programs, speaks volumes about the state. The success of the programs have easily influenced youth basketball in the community. This year will be Elite Hoop's 4th consecutive year in Charlotte. Each summer camp has been sold out months in advance. The history of North Carolina basketball and Elite Hoops is ringing bells in Charlotte.

The NIKE Boys Basketball Camp will be directed by Lee Miller and the Elite Hoops staff. Also former and current college basketball players in the area will help assist camp. The camp location will be at Carolina Courts in Indian Trails.

The NIKE Boys Basketball Camp in Charlotte, NC will begin August 5-9, 2013. Camp will start at 9am to 3pm Monday- Thursday, and Friday 9am to 12pm. To register for this camp please click the link below.

2013 NIKE Boys Basketball Camp Charlotte click HERE

Monday, April 1, 2013

Big Changes Big East

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With time comes change.... Sometimes that means small changes while for others it is a drastic change.  In  this case, some big changes are being made to one of the top, if not the top conference (basketball) in the country.  The Big East will never be the same.  The Big East was established on May 31, 1979 with 7 schools as its founding members (Boston College, Georgetown, Connecticut, Providence, Seton Hall, St. John's, and Syracuse).  Villanova joined one year later.  The realignment of this conference has made extreme changes in that by 2014 only one of the original founding schools, Connecticut will be left in the league, unless it too leaves by then.

The current Big East Conference for basketball is made up of 15 teams:  Louisville, Georgetown, Marquette, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Connecticut, Notre Dame, Villanova, Cincinnati, St. John's, Providence, Rutgers, Seton Hall, South Florida, and DePaul.

What are the new alignments of the Big East?  Where are they going?  Who will keep the Big East name?  To start, the 7 Catholic Universities of the Big East will be leaving to form their own conference:  St. John's, Seton Hall, Marquette, DePaul, Georgetown, Villanova, and Providence.  This new conference recently received the rights to retain the Big East name and continue to play the conference tournament at Madison Square Garden.  Butler and Xavier may join the new Big East as well as Creighton, Dayton, and St. Louis in 2014-15.

The cost of the Catholic 7 breaking away is very pricey, however they have the chance to make more money by leaving.  By leaving now they are able to sign a deal with Fox Sports which will give $3-4 million to each school just for basketball.  This new conference does not have football, which in turn keep them free of a lot of lawsuits that football brings on.

Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and Notre Dame will head to the ACC.  A new 10-team conference (name yet to be decided) will be formed for 2013 with only one of the remaining Big East founders.  This conference will be composed of Connecticut, Memphis, Louisville, Rutgers, UCF, USF, Houston, Cincinnati,  SMU, and Temple. In 2014, Louisville and Rutgers will leave the 10-team conference and head to the ACC and Big Ten, while Tulane and ECU will be the new replacements, with Navy coming in for football in 2015.

Growing up, and being from Pittsburgh, I was a Big East junkie.  All of this change in the Big East has given me mixed opinions.  I do not think there will ever be anything like the Big East Tournament again.  I always used to say that the Big East Tournament was just as good as the NCAA Tournament. Usually the winner of the Big East didn't win the NCAA Tournament, (my reasoning was because the Big East Tourney would wear you down being that it was so intense).  Change can also be good.  The break will help the Catholic 7 keep their schools going.  Since these are non-football schools they struggled to stay alive in the Big East.  It will help them recruiting in being a basketball focused school.

Change is inevitable.  It is the only thing that stays constant in life.  It can be very exciting as well.  I look forward to see how this conference realignment plays out during the best time of the year... #MarchMadness

Michelle Manfredi
Girls Director
Elite Hoops Basketball

Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: DIVE

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Michelle Manfredi, Elite Hoops Girls Director, is a very active athlete. Along with basketball, she also enjoys crossfit training, flag football, and running marathons. Surprisingly, her favorite sport beside basketball is dodgeball. The game of dodgeball is quite simple…DODGE THE BALL! How easy would dodgeball be if teams would not move or dodge the ball? Basketball is the same way. The offense is easier to defend without much movement.  Different forms of motion offense have been the backbone to many successful teams.

Today’s playset is called “Dive”. In basketball terms, diving mean continuous cuts to opening areas in an offensive set. The play starts with P1 at the top of the key, P2/P3 on each wing, P4 on the high post, and P5 is on the right block. P1 passes to the wing opposite the side of P5. As soon as P3 receives, P4 dives to the block and P5 flashes to the high post. P1 will now screen away for P2 to replace at the top of the key.  P3 passes to P5 then immediately looks to reverse to ball to P1 for the dive on the back side. Next P2/P3 slides down to replace each position, and P5 swings the ball to P2. Right after the pass, P5 dives to towards the basket for layup.

Click imagine below to enlarge

Dive is nothing but continuous cutting and flashing. Make sure that the cutting or diving side is clear before execution. The faster the pace, the faster the defense will leave room open for an easier score.

Brandon “Chop Suey” Chappell
Elite Hoops Basketball