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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: DIVE

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Michelle Manfredi, Elite Hoops Girls Director, is a very active athlete. Along with basketball, she also enjoys crossfit training, flag football, and running marathons. Surprisingly, her favorite sport beside basketball is dodgeball. The game of dodgeball is quite simple…DODGE THE BALL! How easy would dodgeball be if teams would not move or dodge the ball? Basketball is the same way. The offense is easier to defend without much movement.  Different forms of motion offense have been the backbone to many successful teams.

Today’s playset is called “Dive”. In basketball terms, diving mean continuous cuts to opening areas in an offensive set. The play starts with P1 at the top of the key, P2/P3 on each wing, P4 on the high post, and P5 is on the right block. P1 passes to the wing opposite the side of P5. As soon as P3 receives, P4 dives to the block and P5 flashes to the high post. P1 will now screen away for P2 to replace at the top of the key.  P3 passes to P5 then immediately looks to reverse to ball to P1 for the dive on the back side. Next P2/P3 slides down to replace each position, and P5 swings the ball to P2. Right after the pass, P5 dives to towards the basket for layup.

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Dive is nothing but continuous cutting and flashing. Make sure that the cutting or diving side is clear before execution. The faster the pace, the faster the defense will leave room open for an easier score.

Brandon “Chop Suey” Chappell
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