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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: DRIBBLE WEAVE

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3 man weave is one of the most commonly used basketball terms and practice routines. I mean no disrespect to my fellow basketball minds, but for my newly acquired basketball minds let me explain. 3 players will each make a pass then follow their pass. Doing 3 man weave in practice helps the players communicate with each other, pass efficiently, and can also be a conditioning drill. 3 man weave in the game is slightly different. Some coaches use 3 man weave as a strategy to take time off the clock, create mismatches for the defense, or simply confuse the opposing team.

Today's playset is called "Dribble Weave". Dribble weave is the same action as 3 man weave, except you dribble into the exchange instead of passing. The play starts with P1 at the top of the key, P2/P3 on each wing, and P4/P5 on side of each block. P1 dribble handoff to P3. Once P3 recieves the ball will dribble handoff to P2 on the other wing. This forms the 3 man weave look. After P3 dribble handoff to P2, P4 will set a flare screen for P3. P2 then makes the pass back to P3. At this time, P1 will cut the corner, P5 will flash to the high post, and P2 will slide to the open wing. P1/P2/P5 have now created space for P3/P4 to operate. Now P4 will set a screen for P3 to come off. After the screen, P4 will pop out for a open jumper. P3 has the option to pass to P4 for the pick and pop, make a pass to the cutting P5, penetrate and kick to P2, or finish the play with a score.

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Dribble weave can be used best for a quick play out of the timeout or for isolation. Make sure your best post shooter is setting the screen. Spacing is important.
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