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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: NBA 2 ACTION

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The NBA is the highest level of basketball played in the world. The "best" players, coaches, facilities, and of course playsets are apart of the association. Most playsets in the NBA are designed to misdirect the defense at the beginning, and finishing in a completely different way. For youth, high school, and college basketball the playsets tend to be simpler. Today's we will be make thing a bit more complicated for players and the defenders.

The name of this playset is "NBA 2 ACTION", which is designed for the shooting guard. The play starts with P1 and the ball at the top of the key, P2/P3 on each wing, and P4/P5 on each block. P1 dribbles to P3 side, then P3 will simultaneously cut the opposite side, and P2 will replace P1 position. Now P2 and P4 will set a double screen for P1 to come off. P2 will roll towards the basket and P4 will pop out to the wing. P1 must pay attention for a quick score for P2 or P4. On the back side, P3 and P5 will set a double screen for P2 to come off for an open shot. If shot is not available, P5 will set a ball screen for P2, and P3/P4/P1 will clear the side.

As you can tell, the real objective of this playset is to put P2 in a final position to score. Yet, P1 in the beginning of the playset has a few options to score quick if possible. This is a great playset for coming out of a timeout or a even transition offense.

Brandon "Phil Jackson" Chappell
Elite Hoops Basketball

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