Thursday, December 18, 2014

Elite Hoops Playset: UNC

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With amazing athlete's coming in and out of the UNC Tar Heels program, Roy Williams has designed an offense that benefits these players and is tough for opposing teams to defend. Most teams in the NCAA do not have four guys that can play above the rim making the Tar Heels nearly impossible to defend. In the play below, you will see one of the sets ran that demonstrates how UNC takes advantage of their personel.

The play above begins with P1 dribbling off of a ball screen with P4. P5 then sets a backscreen on P2 for a lob over the top. If the lob is not there P3 comes off of a staggered screen while the ball is being passed to P5. Next P1 runs off a flare screen set by P4 looking for a shot. If P1 is not open, P2 sets a back screen for P4 diving to the rim for the easy layup.

A.J. "Young Popovich" Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Elite Hoops Playset: Pop

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Sometimes a play does not have to be extremely difficult to be effective. With enough movement and misdirection some plays can be used in a rec league with 7 year olds and still be useful enough to use on a high major college basketball team. "Pop" is a set that can be used that doesn't take many risk of turning the ball over and also can slow the game down to get a clean look when the opposition is on a run.

Play begins with the players lined up in a stack formation. Once all players pop out to free throw line extended, P1 passes to P2 and cuts to the ball side corner. P4 then sets a screen for P5 looking to get a post touch. If the opposing team is fronting the post, P2 passes the ball to P4 looking for the high low action. If not there, P4 swings the ball to P3 and finishes the staggered screen being set for P1 looking for the shot at the top of the key.

A.J. Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Elite Hoops Playset: Duke

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During games, sometimes the opposition feels so confident on defense that they begin to lunge for steals and pressure the ball to the point where the offensive players are uncomfortable. "Duke" is a playset that has a number of options and different looks to throw the defense off balance. If ran correctly, the defense will most likely stop playing the passing lanes and respect the offense which takes pressure off of the players.

"Duke" starts in a 4 out set with P1 passing the ball to P2 and cutting to the corner. On the catch, P3 flashes to the ball side elbow. When the ball is in the air between P3 and P2, P4 should start his cut to the basket looking for a layup then clear to the corner. P2 then sets a downscreen for P1 curling off of a handoff from P3. P5 sets a backscreen for P3 rolling to the rim then finishes by screening away for P2 in the corner looking for a shot.

A.J. Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

Monday, December 1, 2014

Elite Hoops Playset: Michigan

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Inbounds plays can be the difference between winning or losing a gameby two points. This is a time during the game when the ball is close to the basket and the defense is guarding from a position they are not used to being in on defense. With this being said, the offense needs to have a number of different options to go to from out of bounds. "Michigan" is a playset that forces the defense to play against their principles and often leads to wide open shots if the timing is correct.

"Michigan" begins with P3 taking the ball out of bounds with P5 on the block, P1 and P4 on the elbows, and P2 in the weak side corner. On the slap of the ball, P5 pops to the corner to receive the pass and P1 steps out free throw line extended. When the ball is passed to P1, P2 sets a screen for the inbounder cutting over the top for a layup. P5 then sets a screen for P2 looking for a shot in the corner. If not open, P1 has the option to pass to the 

Coach A.J. "Baby Popovich" Holland