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Elite Hoops Playset: Michigan

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Inbounds plays can be the difference between winning or losing a gameby two points. This is a time during the game when the ball is close to the basket and the defense is guarding from a position they are not used to being in on defense. With this being said, the offense needs to have a number of different options to go to from out of bounds. "Michigan" is a playset that forces the defense to play against their principles and often leads to wide open shots if the timing is correct.

"Michigan" begins with P3 taking the ball out of bounds with P5 on the block, P1 and P4 on the elbows, and P2 in the weak side corner. On the slap of the ball, P5 pops to the corner to receive the pass and P1 steps out free throw line extended. When the ball is passed to P1, P2 sets a screen for the inbounder cutting over the top for a layup. P5 then sets a screen for P2 looking for a shot in the corner. If not open, P1 has the option to pass to the 

Coach A.J. "Baby Popovich" Holland

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