Friday, August 28, 2015

Elite Hoops Playset: BYU

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Preseason training is underway and coaches are in their back office coming up with a number of different sets that best suit their teams. One school in particular, BYU, will probably choose to continue one set that has been successful for many years now. This play has a lot of movement on the perimeter and forces players post defenders to step out to areas they may not feel comfortable playing.

"BYU" begins with a dribble handoff on the left wing and P1 curling to the opposite corner. P2 the passes to P4 and receives a flare screen from P5. If nothing is open, P4 has a dribble handoff with P3 while P2 curls back off of a down screen from P5. P4 then continues to set a downscreen for P1 in the corner.

A.J. "Swaggy A" Holland
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