Friday, March 20, 2009

Have Class

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The other night, Carmelo Anthony was taken out of the game. He sprinted off the court and ignored his coach and sat 4 seats away. Classless.

Carmelo was coming off a 1 game suspension for refusing to come out of a game at his coach’s request. He stayed on the court and as a result of being insubordinate was suspended for a game. I guess he thought this was how he would show George Karl about what he thought about the suspension.

He showed him alright. He showed him how immature he is and how he puts himself above the team. He showed him how he can’t trust him when he needs him most. He showed all the fans that he is an athlete but shouldn’t have the word ‘professional’ in front of it. We’ve seen this type of behavior before but we never saw this from Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Lebron. Have respect for the game, your team, yourself and the profession.

Carmelo is a great basketball player but the way he acted was childish and classless and I expect better from him.

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