Friday, December 4, 2009

My Life

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I don't know if everyone's end of the year is as hectic as mine, but things have really amped up as the year comes to a close. School is becoming increasing difficult because of the travel from basketball. I have missed at least half of the days of school in the last two weeks, which included tests in three of my classes. Being on the road also makes it hard to study for the tests that I have to make up when I come back off the road. On top of that, we have finals coming up in the next couple weeks. I usually do my studying with a tutor or in a study group which are both impossible when you are on the road. I have made up two of the three tests that Ive missed this week. I make up the third tomorrow. I did good on one test and so so on the other. Its going to be tough to manage to study for these upcoming finals.

Basketball is going pretty well. Our team dropped two games in the 76 Classic tournament over Thanksgiving break. We lost to Minnesota and Clemson. Our record is now 6-2. We have a tough four game stretch coming up. We play Georgetown, Ohio State, Xavier, and UAB. I'm excited about playing in Madison Square Garden. I love New York City. I'm looking forward to a great season.

The activity with JFK is picking up. I am partnered with a local high school, North Central High School, to do a food drive. The food will go to local families here in Indianapolis. JFK is also partnering with Butler University, and WTHR Indianapolis to do a toy drive on Sat December 5 at the Butler Men's basketball game. We play Valparaiso. The toys will go to the Jullian Center and the Daysprings shelter in Indianapolis. JFK is also in the process of sponsoring students for the beginning of the school next year, at the end of January. The number of sponsored students is not yet confirmed but we will definitely be helping sponsor some children through St. Kizito scholarship fund. For more information, visit and

Avery Jukes, Forward-Butler University

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