Monday, August 23, 2010

Hard Work Brings Prosperity

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Awaking to the sounds of school buses running and kids yelling this morning we can say that school has officially started in Atlanta. With the start of school many of Elite Hoops 1,200 campers this summer are trading in basketballs and the hardwood for books and homework. As you leave to start your classes remember one of our favorite quotes from this past summer camp season, "Hard work brings prosperity."

Each and everyone of us coaches here at Elite Hoops was delighted that you attended camp this summer but don't be satisfied and leave it at that. Many of you will have try outs for your teams in the upcoming months. Its important that that you continue practicing the drills you learned this summer at camp so that your hard work will pay off come try out time. Do you remember the drills you learned for individual improvement throughout your camp week? Here's a reminder just in case your memory faded a bit while you were at the pool after camp.

Monday: Mikan & power lay ups
Tuesday: Figure 8 no dribble, figure 8 dribble, flip-flop, front back bounce, & front back catch
Wednesday: Diagonal key lay ups & diagonal key jumpers
Thursday: Hot shot

If you want some video tips and pointers just click here and head over to our YouTube site and brush up. Try and fit in some basketball and practice your drills a few times a week to keep sharp and remember, hard work brings prosperity.

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