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Preparing for Success

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Legendary UCLA coach John Wooden used to say that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Too often young athletes expect positive results without a proper plan in place. Whether it is making your middle school team, becoming a starter on varsity or playing at the college level, there are important steps that all athletes must take.

Establish Your Goal
Write down your specific goal as a reminder of what you are working towards.

Seek Guidance / Involve Others
Verbalize your goal to those who can assist you in the process. Often times, we assume that others are aware of what we want even though we’ve never specifically told them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Learn from others successes and failures. Parents, coaches, and older athletes are great resources for information if you are willing to ask.

This is where most people fall short. Be willing to put in the necessary work! If your coach explains that your ball handling is preventing you from receiving more playing time, make sure you focus on improving those skills. Young athletes face so many distractions today between Facebook and video games that certain social sacrifices may need to be made.

Commit to Succeed
If Michael Jordan would have given up after being cut from the JV team in high school, he would not be the most recognizable athlete in the history of the world. Everyone experiences setbacks so it is how we respond that determines our ultimate success. Expect roadblocks and detours but do not lose focus on your goal!
These simple steps require thought and commitment but will create a foundation for success for young athletes. The earlier athletes learn these lessons the better prepared they will be both on and off the court.

Drew Molitoris
Director of Basketball Operations
College Coaches Network

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