Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fundamental Post Moves

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Every basketball player should learn how to post up and have some post moves in their offensive arsenal.  No matter what position you play, from point guard to center you should be ready to play down low.  One of the most important things when it comes to posting up is position.  If you get position right under the basket, which is an ideal spot, then you should be able to score just about 99% of the time.  Of course getting the ball there is not going to happen every time, and this is where having a variety of post moves comes in handy.  Another big aspect of playing down low is reading how the defense is playing you.  For example, if the defense is playing on the high side, this is a good time to use the drop step move towards the baseline side to seal the defender, and have an easy layup.  If the defender is playing on the low side, this is where you should turn towards the middle and make a jump hook or an up and under move.  It is important to practice and learn post moves first without any defense, and once you feel as though you have a good grasp on them, and then try to implement them against a defender.  Here is an example of a drop step combined with an up and under by Jake Carwell of Wheaton Men’s Basketball team. 

 Reece Wiedeman-Skill Development Coach, Elite Hoops

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