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Day 5: Championship Friday at NIKE Camp at Greater Atlanta Christian

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We had an AMAZING week at the 4th annual NIKE Boys Basketball Camp at Greater Atlanta Christian.  For the 3rd straight year, this camp sold out with 100 players and those players brought an unbelievable amount of energy, effort and sportsmanship on Friday.

After players checked in, we warmed them up with a full court "Floor Length Open Up" drill to get their juices flowing and to get them sweating.  Right after, every camper competed in their final 5on5 game, which was the semifinals for each division.  Winning teams advanced to the 5on5 Championship and we saw some incredible finishes, especially in the college division.

Next, players spent 50 minutes running through their Skill Stations for the final time this week.  On Championship, players are "tested" in their skill stations to see if they can perform all of the drills they learned during the week.

After Skills Stations, the top three scorers in each division in Mikan, Figure 8, Cone Layups and Hot Shot competed in the Living By Numbers (LBN) Championships. LBN winners are listed below.

Our 3on3 Cut Throat competition was the final event of the day and the improvement from Monday to Friday was immense.  With our strict rules of calling out your team score, catching in triple threat, making at least 3 passes, screening or cutting after every pass, only having 2 dribbles per catch and yelling "ball, deny or help" on defense, the players showed how far they come in playing TEAM basketball

We ended camp with our Awards Ceremony.  The players listed below are our Living by Numbers Champions and Individual Award Winners for the 2012 NIKE Elite Hoops Boys Basketball Camp at Greater Atlanta Christian. If you haven't already done so, please make sure to register for FREE online training and drill score tracking at

Mikan Drill
HS: Connor Maxa-10
College: Chris Porter-14
NBA: Eric Biederman-12

Figure 8
HS: Julian Mackey-25.5
College: Miles Long 30
NBA: Eric Biederman-31

Cone Layups
HS: Julian Mackey-7
College: Miles Long-9
NBA: Michael Joseph-9

Hot Shot
HS: Logan Ricks-33
College: Cooper Long-35
NBA: Jay Maxa-37

Individual Award Winners
High School:
Defense Award-Sean Jackson and Spartan Award-Saiku White

Coaches Award-Riley Costas and MVP-Miles Long

Hustle Award-Eric Biederman and Spartan Award-Michael Joseph

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