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What's Your Go To Move?

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Every player imagines it. Your team's down 1 point. There's 7 seconds left in the game and you are at the top of the 3pt line with the ball in your hands. Obviously in your dreams you hit the shot every time and celebrate with your team in front of 10,000 screaming fans.  My question to you is what move do you make to hit that shot?  Every player, whether point, wing or big, should have a couple of "go to" moves when they must score.

Middle School- Players need 1 go to move
High School- Players need 1 go to move and 1 counter
College/Pro-Players need 2 go to moves and counters for each

Derrick Rose-Push Floater
Chris Paul-Side Hop
James Harden-Extended Scoop
Kevin Durant-Pull Up Jumper

The key to a "go to" move is that even when the defense knows whats coming, you can still beat them with the move to score.  It has to be a move you practice every time you hit the court and have mastered it even against the best defender in your league.

As you can see above from some of the top NBA players, some move are jumpers, some are floaters and some are even a scoop layup.  Nike sometimes refers to them as "Signature Moves" as they are almost as recognizable as the players themselves.

How to Develop a Go To Move
1. Find a move that you are comfortable performing
2. Practice it 100s of times, until you can perform flawlessly everytime
3. Perform that move in practice/in a training session/against a teammate
4. Bring the move into a live game/scrimmage
5. Use the move at the end of a quarter
   and finally
6. Hit a Game Winner with the move

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