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To All the Moms Out There...

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I was somewhat puzzled when thinking about this blog but with Mother's Day approaching I figured this would be a great subject to write about.  We had our first round of staff interviews the other night and one of the questions I asked was... "Who do you look up to most?"  I had a lot of great answers and I had quite a few that said their mom.  When I was asked that same question, my immediate response was "my mom." 

To me, my mom is the most amazing person I have ever met.  She does not have a mean bone in her body.  She is the strongest woman I know.  She has dedicated her life toward her family.  I hope to be half the person that my mom is.  Sometimes I beg her and wish that she would stop worrying about us so much and do things for herself.  She has spent countless hours behind the wheel of the car, taking us from school to practice, to eat, to our friends, etc., and never once complained about it.  Being that my mom was not an athlete, she spent her evenings in a gym or out on the field, sometimes not even knowing the rules of the game, but enjoying us playing the game and learning the game.  The dedication my mom has given to her family is truly amazing.  

Looking at the parent attendance of our workouts, I would say it is usually pretty equal as to which parent is in attendance.  Sometimes the dads are in a group talking or vice versa.  Sometimes I see moms busily doing work on their laptops while catching some of the action on the court.  Other moms are there every week rooting on their child and encouraging during breaks.  As times have changed very much, I think its great having a female presence in the gym.  I have one mom in mind in particular who is at almost every workout and stays after while her child gets in extra work.  There are many things that parents/moms can be doing while their kid is playing the sport, but instead they are in the gym watching every workout.  Having the presence of your parents/guardians is really special.  It means a lot to your kids even if they don't realize now, they will one day. 

In closing, thank you to all of the wonderful mother's out there.  We would not be here with out you.  You all make life wonderful.  Happy Mother's Day!  We look forward to seeing you in the gym!

Michelle Manfredi
Girls Director
Elite Hoops Basketball

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