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Who do you want running your team?

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As the NBA continues to grow, new players, especially at the point guard position, are emerging into stars. With that being said, a legitimate argument can be made about who is the best point guard in the league. The first names that come to mind are Chris Paul, Tony Parker, and Russell Westbrook but young players such as Steph Curry are beginning to show how great they truly are and that they belong in the discussion with these players. Taking any of these players would most likely help your team but are you looking for in your point guard?

Some coaches believe that your point guard has to be a distributer that looks to get the team involved before deciding to take over the scoring load. From the players listed above, Chris Paul and Tony Parker best fit this description. These two players have nearly perfected their timing on when to help out with scoring. Very rarely do you see these two players start the game in attack mode. Instead, they make sure everybody is getting a feel for the ball and seeing if a teammate has the hot hand. If the score begins to get out of hand, that is when they decide to be more aggressive and take on the scoring load.

Other coaches believe that they need the point guard to put points on the board in bunches and this is what Westbrook and Curry step onto the court trying to do.  This year Russell Westbrook is averaging 21.3 ppg and attempts 18 shots per game even though he has Kevin Durant, the best scorer in the NBA, on his wing. Because of this, he is often criticized for not getting his team involved even though the team as a whole has been very successful. Curry is also a big time scorer like Westbrook. He is a deadeye shooter that has the green light to pull up for 3 at any given moment. Unlike Westbrook, Curry is looked at as the best player on the team so he does not have to deal with the media pressuring him to pass. He averages 23 ppg while still managing to get nearly 10 ast every night for his successful Golden St Warriors.

Even though teams are eager to bring in these elite point guards, how important are they? Looking back at the past NBA Championship teams, the majority of them did not have elite point guards. With that being said, it is clear that the style of your point guard can vary. Some teams benefit from having a scoring point guard while others benefit from having a distributer. Deciding what best fits your system is the key!

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