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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: UCLA

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"UCLA" is a play ran by many teams throughout the NCAA. This set is structured but gives players the opportunity to play out of it if they see an opening. Also, if the defense breaks down or is not ready, it is possible to get a quick layup. The key to this play is to hit a body on every screen. This will allow players the space they need and set up the next action. At the end of the play the players are in a 3 out 2 in set where they can go into their motion. 

"UCLA" begins in a 1-4 set with the pg entering the ball to the wing on cutting off of a backscreen by the P4. The ball is then reversed to the top of the key and a staggered screen on the weak side is set by P3 and P5. P1 then curls to the wing looking for a shot. If not there, P3 sets a cross screen for P5 and P4 immediately sets a downscreen for P3. P1 then has the option to pass to the post or hit P3 for a shot coming of the downscreen.

Coach A.J. Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball Trainer

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