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Elite Hoops Playset: Warriors

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In order to be a successful team in the NBA, you need to have plays that are putting your best players in position to score. It is alright to have plays for role players on the team but the majority of the focus needs to be set on figuring out how to make the game as easy as possible for the stars. One team that has this figured out is the Golden State Warriors. The "splashbrothers" have gained a lot of national attention over the past year and looking at plays like this you can see why.

The play above begins with P5 flashing to receive the pass from P1 as soon as P1 crosses halfcourt. Once P5 catches the ball, P2 cuts to the opposite corner and P4 sets a flare screen for P1. P5 then throws the skip pass to P1 and finishes the staggered screen away with P3 for P2 to come off for a shot. While this is happening P4 is diving to the strong side block to be an option for the post entry. This play is great for a team consisting two knock down shooters on the perimeter.

A.J. Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

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