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Elite Hoops Playset: Wheel Motion

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"Wheel Motion" is a play used by the Cleveland Cavs at times when they are searching for an open 3 point shot. It frees up players such as JR Smith, Mo Williams and Kyrie Irving to get to a spot where they can set their feet and knock down an open 3. It is a more complex play that requires great timing and solid screens so be aware of who is on the court when running this set.

"Wheel Motion" begins with P1 passing to P2 and cutting to the weak side block. P5 then pops out for a catch and performs a dribble handoff with P3 on the right wing. P1 then clears to the strong side corner and P5 spins back around to set a flare screen for P3 looking for a catch and shoot 3 pointers.

A.J. Holland
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