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NIKE Boys Basketball Camp: Championship Friday at Kedron Fieldhouse

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 This week has been one exciting week at our  NIKE camp at Kedron Fieldhouse and Aquatic Center. Each day the campers showed up eager to start and develop their game with our awesome coaches. That Monday morning, the campers came into the gym with excitement on their faces and ready to do drills. But, they all ended up learning in the classrooms along with the drills created by our coaches. With the combination of the two the campers were to become successful. By the end of the camp, each camper could say their skills improved incredibly as the week continued on.

Throughout this week, the NIKE Boys Basketball Camp at Kedron Fieldhouse has been full of passion and intensity. The coaches also made it fun for the campers so they can still stay in tune with the camp. Coaches had their own intense 3 on 3 games and half court shot competition for the campers entertainment. Out of all the drills everyone seemed excited for the Living By Numbers competitions; which is a 3on3 games that gives the campers to truly show their skills. Living By Numbers stats are collected and tallied so campers can be informed of who has the top stats.

Championship Friday was a success! We had championship competitions for all the players who had the top stats for all drills and games. The competitions were incredible; we even had a camper who shattered a Nike Camp Record.  The last competition before the awards Ceremony was the 3on3 Cut Throat Championship and the teams were going at each other. Nothing but competition from the start of the clock to the sound of that buzzer. Our NIKE Awards Ceremony concluded the camp and each player was provided with awesome prizes. All the campers received workbooks, player evaluations, and various fun prizes. But our winners of the competitions and the awards received a little extra: a basketball signed by the coaches, a Nike bag, and etc.

Below is the list of LBN winners and individual winners.

Switch Cone Slides                                    
HS- Jackson Carter
COL- Ja'kai Jean
NBA- Bradley Greenwood

Figure 8
HS: Rhenart Hernandez
COL: Ben Moseley
NBA: Jackson Stone

Cone Layups
HS: Andrew Fox
COL: Kyle Curtis
NBA: Kyle Bachosky

Hot Shot
HS: Nikhil Chikhliker
COL: Jack Dombek
NBA: Bradley Greenwood

Individual Awards
MVP: Rhenart Hernandez
Hustle: Kyle Curtis
Coaches:Jackson Parker
Coaches: Quaran Hoskins
Most Improved: Erik Green

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