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Elite Hoops Playset: 76ers SLOB

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The 76ers had a huge pick in this year's NBA draft with Ben Simmons and now they are looking to run sets that will help them turn their program around. Sideline out of bounds plays are times when you can catch an opponent sleeping and find players for open shots. Most successful plays have shots that end up at the top of the key or a lob over the top for an easy lay. The play used this summer league demonstates a way to get a shot late in the game when you need a 3 pointer.

In the play above P1 takes the ball out on the side while the rest of the players are in a soft line on the weak side. P2 curls to the corner off of a staggered screen set by P3 and P5. P3 then turns and comes off of a downscreen set by P5 for an open jumper at the top of the key.

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