Thursday, January 5, 2017

Elite Hoops Playset: 2-3 Zone Overload

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In youth basketball one of the main defenses played is the 2-3 zone. There are many ways to attack this defense but this set below contains an overload action to force the bottom defender to make a decision on who to guard. This play is very effective when inside players are able to stretch the floor and shoot the 3.

Play begins with P1 dribbling away from the overloaded block. P3 pops straight up the lane line to receive a pass while P4 pops out to the wing. P5 then sets a screen for P2 cutting to the corner. The ball is reversed around the perimeter to P2 in the overloaded corner for an open 3 pointer.

A.J. "Young Popovich" Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

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