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2018 NIKE Boys Basketball Camp at Duluth High School

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For our camp this week we ventured to Duluth High School and worked with an awesome group of guys. The campers had such enthusiastic attitudes which made the whole camp so enjoyable. They gave 100% in every repetition so that they could get 1% better each day. The entire staff loved working with each camper and watching their skills get better with every drill.

The campers put in hours of hard work in preparation for their favorite day of camp, Championship Thursday. Favored by campers, coaches, and parents, this day is filled with competition and eagerness to show off the campers new skills. The energy in the gym was apparent as the players came in wearing their NIKE Camp t-shirts. Before competing to crown the Camp Champions, campers went through stations to refine their overall game. To touch on all aspects of the game, they went through individual skills, 3on3, and classroom sessions. Then, everyone's favorite "3on3 Cut Throat Championship" created another wave of excitement in the gym.

To close Championship Friday, we held the NIKE Awards Ceremony. Every player received a camp t-shirt,  player evaluations, and other prizes. Below is a list of Living by Numbers winners and individual award winners. We really enjoyed the energy all the campers brought to us and it reminds us how to have fun and work hard.

Living by Numbers Champions
Switch Cone Slides
HS: Miles Harris
COL: Michael Chang
NBA: Leon Harris
Figure 8
HS: Andrew Meyer
COL: Kannon Martin
NBA: Will Guest

Cone Layups
HS: Jayson Johnston
COL: Ben Udhe
NBA: Tanner Owens

Hot Shot
HS: Ben Erb
COL: Braylon Carter
NBA: Julius Johnston

Individual Awards

High School Awards
MVP: Jayson Johnston
Coaches: Miles Harris
Mascot: Nate Allen

College Awards

Coaches: Ben Udhe
MVP: Sheppard Smeldund

NBA Awards

Coaches: Bradley Goines

Hustle: Leon Harris
MVP: Jack Udhe

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