Thursday, August 13, 2009

Skills Training: August 3-7

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Elite Hoops just finished up training with 15 boys and girls last week at Norcross High School. The skills training was an intense 1.5 hour session focused on fundamentals. The players worked on ballhandling fundamentals, like dribbling with their finger tips and keeping their heads up; passing fundamentals, like making a chest pass by extending their hands outwards toward the recipient of the pass and finishing with their thumbs pointing to the ground. The players finished out each day with fundamental layup drills, which worked on developing proper footwork and finishing with the appropriate hand around the basket. The players worked hard each day and improved greatly over the 5 days of training. As we head into our Fall training schedule, hopefully we can get the same effort and see the same improvement from all of our players.

-Coach Langley

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