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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: PRO SET

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Basketball is a game of high energy, runs and momentum. A team can be winning by 12 points, and in a matter of minutes can be down 5 points, now it’s a ball game with only seconds remaining! Players diving on the floor, fans screaming loud, referees grasp their whistles tighter, and the coaches are trying to use their timeouts wisely. At this moment the team needs something big, a guaranteed made field goal or defensive stop to seal the game. Today I have the perfect playset for this moment which is designed to put your team in a winning position.

I call this play “Pro Set” because many professional teams use misdirection, ball screens, and isolation to get the job done on the offensive end. The play starts with P1 at the top of the key, P2/P3 in each corner, and P4/P5 are on each elbow (free throw line). P1 passes to P5. P4 and P1 set a double pick/screen for P3 to come to the top of the key. P3 continues on for a dribble handoff from P5. After the transaction, P5 cuts opposite to create space. Now P3 dribbles hard at P2, baiting P2’s defender for another handoff. P2 fakes up then cuts backdoor, option 1. If P2 is not open, P3 dribbles to the wing and P5 returns for a ball pick/screen for P3. After pick/screen, P3 comes off hard for an aggressive attack. Options will now be available for P3. Pick and roll with P5, penetrate and kick to P1, short pass to P4 diving to the basket, or an open shot for P3.

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Pro Set is preferably used after a timeout or to start a quarter. This will give the players direct movement and action to execute perfectly.  Ultimately giving the ball to your most effective player, weather it is P3, P2, or P1. Stay tuned for additional professional playsets. 

Brandon Chappell
Elite Hoops Basketball

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