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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: BOB SCREEN ATTACK

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Happy New Years! It’s 2013 and we couldn't be more excited about what we have planned for you this year. This will be one of many blogs for all our new and faithful readers. Coming soon are advanced playsets, fun facts, and different categories to help your daily basketball minds. Sit and enjoy!

Taking advantage of your opponent’s mistakes or disadvantages is part of the game. One of the best but seldom used ways to capitalize on this is the baseline out of bounds series. Many teams just focus on getting the ball in bounds safely, but today you will have the opportunity to get the ball in effectively.

Today’s playset is called “Baseline Out of Bounds Screen Attack” (BOB Screen Attack).  The play begins on the baseline with player (P) 2 taking the ball out. P1,3,4 and 5 will be in a box set. P3 and P5 are on each block, and P1 and P4 are on each elbow. P3 and P4 both set cross screens for P1 and P5. P2 can either make a lob pass to P5 or a direct pass to P1. P1 now has the ball and get a screen from P4. Simultaneously, P3 and P5 will set a double screen for P2. After the screen from P4, P1 comes off looking for a pass to P2 or P4. P1 also has the option to attack for a scoring drive. P2 now has the ball. Next, P3 sets a cross screen for P5 to post on the block. If P5 is not open, P2 will wait for an up screen from P5 to attack in either direction to finish the play.

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This play is designed to have different options each time depending on the way the defense plays. Let’s start off 2013 with a bang! 

Brandon "One dribble pull up" Chappell
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