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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: FLY

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What do most basketball fans think about when the name Christian Laettner and Duke is mentioned? I doubt the answer would be the 1992 Olympic Dream Team, but instead his memorable last second buzzer beater against Kentucky would ring some bells. Sometimes to win a game you need extra time or maybe just enough time. Laettner needed just 2 seconds to make history!

Today's playset for a last second full court attack play is called "Fly". P3 will take the ball out at the opposite baseline. P1 and P2 will line up on each side of the elbow in the back court, with P2 starting on the ball side. P4 will be at center half court and P5 is on the free throw line in the front court. P2 will set a screen for P1 and both player will pop out wide. After screen, P4 will sprint up from half court to receive the pass from P3. Now P1 and P2 will both sprint down court looking to receive a pass from P4 (depends who is open). P4 passes to P1 then goes to the opposite wing and P2 continues to sprint to the corner. Now P5 will set an up screen for P1 to attack and then rolls to the basket. P1 attacks to create a shot for teammates or take shot.

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This play typically takes 5 seconds to complete. You can interchange players in each player position so your most creative and productive player has the ball at the end. 3...2...1...SCORE!

Brandon "Ice in the Veins" Chappell
Elite Hoops Basketball

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