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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: SIDELINE SPECIAL

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Special opportunities during a special time in a basketball game can end in a special way with a special play. Too much? Let me break down what I mean by the word "special" in basketball terms. Special simple means  taking advantage of that rare chance to surprise the opposing team with something different or "special". As I discussed in a previous blog, baseline and sideline out of bounds plays need to be used effectively and not lightly. Lets find out what happens when we give the other team a SPECIAL gift!

Today's playset is properly named "Sideline Special". The play starts when the team has the ball on the sideline. Make sure a good passer and decision maker is in-bounding the ball, and your most athletic player is on the receiving end. P2 takes the ball out and the rest of the players are in a box set. P1 and P4 are on the elbows, and P3 and P5 are on the block. P4 sets a cross screen for P1 to come off, then P3 sets a cross screen for P5 to come across. Immediately after P3 sets the first screen, P3 will quickly set a back screen for P4. P4 rolls off the back screen toward basket for an ally oop pass by P2. If the defense covers P4 properly, P2 will inbound the ball to P1 to avoid a 5 second call. After inbound pass, P2 will go set a screen for P3. P3 fakes to come off P2's screen then simultaneously P4 comes back up to set a back screen for P3. Now P1 can pass a second ally oop.

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Remember, every player's timing must be perfect and patient. Rushing or reviling the play to soon will give the defense a chance to defend. When executed correctly, your team will get that "special" feeling!

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