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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: ACTION

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The true object for the offense is to score as easy as possible. If a team can come down the court and make one pass to score, it would be bad basketball to make it more complicated than that. Unfortunately that never really happens. The offense has to execute a series of actions to misdirect the defense. When the all 5 offensive players work together properly, scoring can be a thing of beauty. Lights, camera, ACTION!

Today's playset is called "ACTION". The play starts in a 1-4 set. P1 is at the top of the key, P2/P3 on each wing, and P4/P5 is on each side of the high post elbow. P1 passes to P2 then cuts to the same side corner. Now P4 cut out for the pass from P2. At the same time P3 get a screen from P5 to get open on the wing. P3 has the option to curl for a jumper. After screen P5 can post on block. Next, P2 and P4 will set a staggered screen for P1 to come off. P3 passes to P1 and P4 comes back and set another screen for P1. P1 comes off the screen and attacks the lane. Various scoring options will be available.

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Like all of the other playsets, timing is extremely important. Each player has a scoring option or opportunity to make a pass to score. With "Action" maybe you can be that team that makes one pass to score...the right way!

Brandon "Runs the Show" Chappell
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