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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: ZONE BUSTER 1-2-2

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Its THAT time of year again! All my true basketball fans should know why the emphasis is on the word THAT. If not, I will explain in two words...MARCH MADNESS! Right now teams on every level are fine tuning and making the proper adjustments to win championships. Coaches, you have to be ready for the unexpected and new schemes. Players must refocus and pay closer attention to detail. Fan, scream and cheer til your face turns Kentucky blue.

Today's playset is called "Zone Buster", designed to beat a 1-2-2 zone defense. The main concept of Zone Buster is to put the defense in a mismatch position. With the defense in a 1-2-2, the offense will start with P1 and P2 at the top splitting the 1 defender. P3 on the ball side corner, P4 is on the ball side elbow and P5 is on the ball side block.

P1 passes to P2 and the defense shifts. P3 will cut baseline to opposite corner, P4 will set a screen against the defender on the ball side block for P3, P5 will cut to high post. P2 has the option for P3 in the corner or P5 at the high post. Now P2 reverses the ball back to P1 and the offense make the same exchange again. P3 back to opposite corner and P4/P5 exchange positions. P1 now looks for P4 at high post to create a mismatch. P4 has the option for P2/P3 for a shot, pass to P5 on the block, or attack basket.

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For this playset to work effectively, the offense must make the defense work. Moving the ball to shift the defense will open gaps for the offense. Every position with the ball will have a triangle option. Lets get ready to dance....MARCH MADNESS!

Brandon "The Zone Buster" Chappell
Elite Hoops Basketball

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