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The New Kid on the Team

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At one point in your basketball playing days you will be the new kid on a team, it’s inevitable, as well as, a rite of passage. You may be the new kid in a recreational youth league and the team that you got put on has been playing together for a couple of years. You may be the freshman that made it onto the Varsity team and you will be playing with juniors and seniors.  You may have been recruited to play for a university where you will be playing with players who are 3 or 4 years older than you.  You may be fortunate enough to have your hard work pay off and have an opportunity to play professionally. You will be the rookie of a team filled with players who are older and have had more professional experience than you. You may be playing a pick up game at a local YMCA with players of different ages, genders and skill levels.

During all these different phases of your playing days there is a constant need for reflection and I challenge you to reflect. How you think you play and how you really play are two very different things. How do you want others to think of you?  Are a willing passer? Do you like playing defense? Do you talk on defense? Are you a hard worker? Are you a good sport/ teammate? If you do not know the answer to these questions, I guarantee that your teammates have already answered them for you.  The game of basketball will hopefully allow you to experience all these phases. Now keep in mind I am not telling you not to work on your game or on those skills you want to have. What I am saying is that while you are working at perfecting those skills they cant come before the team. You may think you have a great jump shot but when you shoot 1 for 16, that is selfish. Chances are you will be sharing the bench with your coach if you do things that are outside your scope of abilities. Hard work will help you become that better passer, shooter or maybe an overall work horse. The work that you put into helping your new team will also help you learn life skills.You will learn to take direction from your elders. Learn how to find your role and seek out how you can help the team out.

One day you will be the new employee to a company and although your past record may help you land the job. The work that you do for them will eventually help you keep your job and help you find your role in the new team. There is always room for change and added responsibility with in the team. If you want it and can show you are worth it. The life skills you learned from being the new kid on the recreational youth basketball team, will carry on with you and hopefully drive you to be a better teammate in all the TEAMS in your life.
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