Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Making the Team

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Every young player in the basketball world has to go through the tryout process. This consists of not only showing your talent on the floor, but also selling yourself as a person. Even if you are a great player, many coaches believe that one sour apple can spoil the whole bunch and will not hesitate to cut someone if they feel that they will possibly be detrimental to the team. With this being said, spots are now available for the players that work hard and are willing to do whatever it takes to help lead the team to success.

Realistically, everybody that plays basketball does not have an amazing skill set. So how do you get noticed at a tryout if you are just a decent player? One of the things that will help is introducing yourself to the coach before the tryout. This does not mean visit the coach at every opportunity that is presented where the coach begins to try to avoid you. This means go shake their hand, tell them your name and position, then let them know that you are excited to have an opportunity to play for them. Make a positive impression on the coach to the point that you know they will remember your face and would want you to be a part of the group of young kids they choose to spend the majority of their time around. On the court, be that player that hustles, dives after loose balls, and is very vocal on the defensive side of the court. Cheer on the people at the tryout whether they are better than you or not. Coaches notice these things and love to have these role players on the roster.

Lastly, remember that being cut is not the end of the world. Everybody knows the story about Michael Jordan being cut and this same person developed into the best player to ever touch a basketball. If you are cut, feel free to ask the coach what part of your game you need to work on and use the free offseason time to improve in those categories. Good luck in the future and remember to always give full effort.

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