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With the basketball season beginning, coaches and players are starting to see who the true leaders are on the team.  These standout players possess qualities such as being encouraging, vocal, honest, and trustworthy. Leaders are generally an extension of the coach to the players on the court, but at the same time they need to be cautious of not losing the teammates respect.  If this respect is lost, the team will slowly begin to divide which is horrible for the team chemistry. One way that a leader could avoid a tragedy like this is to put the team first by communicating with them on a regular. If they feel that something could be better with the team they could let the leader know and the leader could present the message to the coach if everyone feels it would be beneficial to the team.

Many times players feel that they are not capable of being leaders because they are not the star player of the team or very talented. In the case of being a leader, this is not an issue at all. If a team sees that the worst player is willing to work just as hard, if not harder, than everybody else then that player will earn respect.  This hard worker will be somebody who can get the team motivated when there is a negative vibe or it seems like there is no hope for the season. Coaches love to have these players in the locker room and anybody is capable of doing these things.

Lastly, the point guard of the team does not have to be the leader. Any player at any position is capable of being a leader. At times the point guard of the team may be able to lead by example on the court but may not be vocal enough to lead off of the court. This is a time when players need to step up and play that leadership role to better the team. All successful teams have at least one person that they can trust and look to during rough times. Regardless of height, skill, or position be that person who all coaches love and become leaders of your team.

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