Friday, March 14, 2014

Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: Alabama

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The SEC tournament is currently underway and coaches are pulling out their best sets. Alabama has figured out a way to utilize their small personel by running this set against LSU. In order for this play to work to perfection, your guards need to be able to handle the ball and your 4man needs to be able to shoot from the perimeter. If guards are aggressive enough, they may be able to turn the corner and get to the rim for a layup or draw a foul.

"Alabama" begins with P1 dribbling off of the staggered ball screen set by P5 and P4. P5 instantly dives to the rim looking for a drop off pass while P4 continues to set a down screen for P2 in the corner. If P2 is not open for the shot, P4 follows with a ball screen from the baseline. After the pick and pop action occurs, P1 and P5 set a staggered screen for P3 in the weak side corner to finish the play.

A.J. Holland
Elite Basketball Trainer

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