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Elite Hoops Playset: Kentucky

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With studs like Julius Randle in the post who can make a big time play, Kentucky designed an offense that was simple for the freshman but also effective. Majority of the players that come into Kentucky were given the ball in isolation situations to carry their team to victory in high school and Coach Cal has continued to keep his players comfortable. In the playset below, there are a series of simple actions such as downscreens and handoffs but after the play breaks down players are spread out across the court to play freely. 

Play begins with P1 passing to P4 while P5 sets a downscreen for P2. If not open, dribble handoff between P4 and P2 occur and P5 dives to rim looking for lob. P2 then dribbles back to the same wing while P4 bumps P5 to the opposite block. P2 feeds the post and all perimeter players shift left to be available if double team occurs.

A.J. Holland
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