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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: UCONN

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Uconn has made the final four this year and plays like this one is what led them to their success. In the playset below, Uconn plays to the strength of their personal at the guard position to create for open teammates. The quick ball screen at the top of the key is difficult for many big men across the country and with quick guards like the ones in Uconn's backcourt, it is close to impossible to stop.

"Uconn" begins with P1 dribbling to the wing and P2 cutting under P4 to the top of the key. On the catch, P5 sets an on ball screen and rolls to the basket looking for an easy dump down pass. P3 drops to the corner to create space. P4 then pops to the top of the key looking for a shot. If no previous option worked, P5 and P1 set a staggered screen across the baseline for P3 sprinting off for the jumpshot.

A.J. Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

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