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ELITE 21 Day Challenge Update: Week 1

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Sample Meals: Monday October 29-Sunday November 4
Below are some of the pictures player and coaches have sent us of their meals during the first week of the ELITE 21 Day Challenge.  Player and coaches must send at least 3 meal pictures to us each day.

After one full week of the ELITE 21 Day Challenge here are the current standings:

Lee Miller of Elite Hoops-0 Strikes
Michelle Manfredi-Elite Hoops-0 Strikes
Nick Wilkerson-Marietta High School-0 Strikes
Drew Dunham-Johnson High School-1 Strike
DJ Bostic-Marietta High School-1 Strike
Turner Barckhoff-Crabapple MS-1 Strike
Turner Barckhoff's breakfast 11/1/12
Brandon Chappell of Elite Hoops-2 Strikes
Grant Bryant-Kell High School-3 Strikes (OUT)
Jarvis Jones-Kell High School-3 Strikes (OUT)
CiCi Buford-GAC School-3 Strikes (OUT)

Drew Dunham's dinner 11/4/12
Grant Bryan't dinner 10/29/12
Lee Miller's dinner 10/30/12
Michelle Manfredi's dinner 11/1/12 


Sample Schedules:Monday October 29-Sunday November 4

Below are some of the schedules that players have sent us during the first week of the ELITE 21 Day Challenge.  Player and coaches must send their full next day schedule to us each day.

Nick Wilkerson's Schedule 11/4/12
7:00 wake up, brush teeth (DON’T HAVE SCHOOL)
7:15- 7:35 breakfast (oatmeal, apple, boiled egg)
8:20-8:55 individual workouts outside (ball handling, jump rope, mikan drill)
9:00-10:00 watch film (take notes)
10:00-12:00 get in the shower
12:30-1:00 get ready for practice
1:00-2:00 eat lunch (not sure yet)
2:05-2:20 ride to practice
2:30-4:30 Varsity Practice
5:00-6:00 ride home
6:15-6:45 eat dinner (not sure yet)
7:00-7:30 study for Math quiz Wednesday
7:30-9:00 snack (strawberries)
9:00-9:15 shower, brush teeth
9:45- 10:00 email schedule and meals to EHB (
10:00 pray and go to sleep

CiCi Bufird's Schedule 11/1/12
6:30 -wake up
7- eat breakfast
7:20- drive to doctors 
7:40-8:20- getting physical
8:20-8:50- drive to school
8:50-3- school
6:30-8:15-I tutored a girl in math
8:20-8:40-drive home
10-10:30-wash the dishes
11:00-get in bed

Sample Videos: Monday October 29-Sunday November 4

    Video of Nick Wilkerson on treadmill

    Nick Wilkerson performing the Mikan Drill

    Turner Barckhoff performing the Figure 8 Drill.

Sample Game Film Study Notes: Monday October 29-Sunday November 4

Notes from DJ Bostic

Marietta 73 v McEachern 68
    -We did not let McEachern get into sets
    -We had good help side defense
    -We got a majority of the loose balls
    -We hustled 110%
    -We took and executed on offensive sets
    -We shared the ball and played as a team
    -We made open jump shots

     -We didn't box out well
     -We gave up too many 2nd chance points
     -We did not protect the ball in the 4th quarter
     -We missed too many FTS
    - We did a poor job closing out on shooters

All contestants who follow all of the ELITE 21 Day Challenge's rules and regulations will receive a dinner at a restaurant of their choice with the Elite Hoops staff.

To follow our contestants as they compete, visit or click on their name above as their information becomes available.

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