Friday, November 23, 2012

Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: ZONE DRIBBLE SERIES

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Today is Black Friday! On days like today, consumers are aggressive, determined, and focused to get the best deal possible. Basketball teams should have the same mindset. Coaches and players must use the same qualities to be effective on the court.

Another play set to use against a 2-3 Zone is the “Dribble Series”.  Player 1 will be at the top of the key, and players 2/3 will be on each wing. Players 4/5 will be on each side of the block. To start the play, player 1 will dribble to player 3’s position, and player 3 will push to the corner. This indicates which player will run the baseline (player 3). Player 2 will replace player 1 position at the top. Now player 1 will pass to player 3 in the corner a shot if open. Player 5 will post up. If no option is available, player 3 will pass back to player then run the baseline to the opposite corner. When player 1 has the ball, player 4 will flash to the high post. Player 1 passes the ball to player 2, then 2 dribbles back to the original position on the wing and player 1 fills. Now, player 4 posts up and player 5 flashes to the high post. The ball is relayed to player 3 in the corner for option.

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This playset should run continuously until the best option is available. Stay tuned for the secondary option to Dribble Series Zone Offense.

Brandon Chappell
Elite Hoops Basketball

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