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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: FLEX

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A pick is an action where a stationary offensive player stops a defensive player from defending a player with the ball. Also a pick can help an offensive player get open against a defender. A good pick or screen in the game is worth just as much as a score or assist. NBA’s Kendrick Perkins of the OKC Thunder and Reggie Evans of the Brooklyn Nets are each well known for their ability to contribute to the score without scoring. The Flex Offense is designed to give each offensive player the opportunity to help a teammate get open or score.

To start the Flex Offense, P1 with the ball and P2 (P=Player) are on each elbow extended to the 3 point line at the top of the key. P4 and P5 are on each block, and P3 is in the same side corner as the ball. P1 passes to P2, and then P5 sets a back pick for P3 to cut across the lane. If P3 is not open, P3 will finish the cut at the opposite block. Simultaneously, P4 will cut out to the same side corner. P1 will set a down pick for P5 to replace P1 position. After down pick, P1 will cut out to the same side corner. P2 observes scoring options then passes the ball to P5. Now we have the same action on the opposite side. P3 sets a back pick for P4 to cut across the lane, and then P2 sets a down pick for P3 to replace P2 position. This will be a continuous cycle until a scoring option is available.  

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The Flex Offense is perfect to play against aggressive defenses or even lazy defenses. Regardless, to defend this play the defense must work and fight through picks. Offensively, each player must be patient and set good picks resulting in scoring options every time. 

Brandon Chappell
Elite Hoops Basketball

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